For this project, it was my first time working with photoshop, so to start it was really stressful trying to do something on a program i knew nothing about. I got used to it though and really learned a lot. I wanted to stick to the concept of clean, modern, and bold with the use of high contrast. Each tea package is colored after the type of tea that it was I.E Black tea has a black coloring. I also wanted the logo to become the branding and have it be bold on each page. I also wanted it to have minimalistic qualities, and not too much wording that would become distracting as well as leave out the extra design qualities that i saw on the shelves in wegmans. Above is the digital mock-up and to the right are the final photographs of the finished 3d product. 

For this project we were using Paula Scher as inspiration. We took her big, bold style and recreated the School of Visual Arts Design for Social Innovation program brochure. i wanted to replicate her style by using bold design elements like type as well as large sections of color that tie the sections brochure together as a whole. in other words i wanted my piece to flow from page to page. I struggles with the business of my piece and i still and not in love with the cover design that i have create. I am however in love with the inside of the brochure and i think that works really nice and flows nicely from page to page. i did enjoy working with characteristics from another style as it gave enabling constraints on what i could and couldn't do. i wanted to stay true to the style i am developing all while playing to the characteristics of pauls steer's work. 

​Exercise 3: Dielines

​for dielines we took a box of our choosing and opened it up to take its measurements. we then converted that to a flat digital file. from there we then coded the lines in accordance to how they would be folded, cut, or perforated. we the duplicated them and made them the correct colors. these dielines were then brought into indesign and designed fully in accordance to our sketches for final design i liked working with the 3d box and my challenge came from not working with these programs before.. 

Project 1: Blackfriars Theatre Poster Campaign

Exercise 2: Non-western Design

​For this project we looked into package design for non-western countries. i really was interested in the packages that were unconventional in nature and had small details that made them unique. Also seeing these different types of packaging made me look at packing here in a new light. i now really look at package design and notice different fonts and different types of packages i encounter today. I struggled with the program but really like working with 3d and digital together.


Project 4: SVA Brochure 

Exercise 1: Style research

foe this exercise i was a little terrified because i really was not that experienced in using inDesign. I go the hang of it quick and was able to create an artist style research guide for 4 different graphic designers. This not only helped me see the work of these designers but helped me become some what acquainted with indesign and how to use it and all its tools. My struggle came with the programs but i did enjoy getting used to them with and exercise rather than a project.

Graphic Design Portfolio

Project 2: Logo and Identity System

​Exercise 4: Photoshop Mock-Up of Packaging

we took the mockups from indesign and moved them into photoshop. in photoshop we distorted the edges to create a 3d version of our boxes digitally. we then added in a base of wood that was also distorted and a background. once these were in we were able to duplicate and flip a to make a reflection. the reflection was then edited to make it look like it was a real reflection. This was hard for me as i did not use photoshop prior to this exercise.

For this project, it was my first time working in InDesign. I had little experience when making my portfolio but that was just making test boxes with images. I didn't know where to go from there, so i just began playing with tools. I quickly got attached to the pen tool and how i could make shapes that resembled printmaking shapes, which is my specialty. For this project i wanted to stay to my roots, and use large imagery that represented each play and the storyline. I kept one large image in the center and then places a specific font surrounding that image and then included the extra requirements. to the right you will see the first inspiration stages, the mockup that was presented to Blackfriars, and then the final printed posters that were framed and displayed during the graduate art show here at nazareth college. 

Exercises 1-4

For this project, it was my first time working with Illustrator for the dyelines. this was challenge for me as i had absolutely no idea what i was doing and had to do a lot of asking and googling to figure out how to get the program to do certain things. We first created a brand identity guideline that would then eventually become the guideline for the package design. After completing this we then moved into the general package design. I knew basics on how i wanted this packaging to look but it wasn't until this phase did i really start to see all the hard work that goes into package design. Using the guideline and the Free leaf website i was able to create 3 dielines that were printed and attached to think paper and scored and folded to become a 3d product. At this phase i was able to see the 2d turn to a 3d object that i had made 100% and could now hold in my hand. I am really happy with the final outcome and while it may be simple in design it looks like no other and functionally works as a tea box that i could see being used on a shelf. To the right you will see the pages of my brand identity guidelines, a photoshop help mock-up, and the final dielines for each type of tea that i created. 

Project 3: Free Leaf Tea Consumer Packaging

Alexandra Smith

ARt & education