Big Idea: Place

Essential Question: How Can You Transform a Place?

Subject Matters/Themes/Content: Transformations, Graffiti, Public Art, Star Scapes, Collaboration, Imagination, Abstraction, Designing, 2D, and 3D.

Techniques: Yarn Bombing, Chalk Mural, Star Scapes, Designing Places, Painting, Imagined Place, Oops Places, and Classroom Transformations.

Historical and Cultural Works and Exemplars:  Banksy and Graffiti, 3D Sidewalk Chalk Art, Public Art, Lock Bridges, Rapunzel, Jason Page, Treehouse Masters and Pete Nelson, Mexican Street House Art Movement, and Beautiful Oops and Barney Saltzberg. 

Formative: Finished yarn bomb and yarn wrapped object from home, Finished chalk mural with little to no empty spaces and guided practice sheet, Finished star scape with correct characteristics and complete guided practice, Constructed cardboard house fully painted with guided practices, completed place for Lego man and guided practice with imagination, completed Oops place guided practice, and completed fort with requirements and guided practice on building. 

Summative: Frown, straight face, smile, big smile as type of assessment depending on each project for variation.  

ARt & education


What We DId:

Each Day revolved around the Essential Question and the Big Idea. Day One was transforming place by yarnbombing. Day Two we transformed place with graffiti and on Day Three we transformed the underside of the tables with chalkboard paint to make starscapes. Day Four and Day five were dedicated to making and decorating cardboard places. On Day Six we created places for plastic animals to live using wooden boxes. Day Seven was Exhibition Day and prior to seeing the show, we transformed places like Harold does in Harold and the Purple Crayon. Day Eight was used to transform the classroom into a new place by building a fort with blankets and cardboard. 

Alexandra Smith